House of Tools Mill with rotating X table but no Horizontal Mill feature. Similar to the Grizzly G3616.

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DC Servos on X and Y with XL belt drives and custom castings for motor and bearing mounts.    X axis is 3:1 while Y axis is 4:1 and lead screws are 5 TPI (0.200” per turn).  Motor driver is HP_UHU with Henrik Olsson dsPIC upgrade, 105VDC.

Knee powered by 1200 oz-in and Gecko driver with 65VDC power supply.  3:1 reduction with 4TPI (0.25” per turn)

Shumatech DRO-350 with inexpensive scales.  Spindle still has 2HP with intermediate drive pulley for 270RPM to 2950 RPM.

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CNC control cabinet.  At the top from left to right 2- HP_UHU, one 15V power supply and Gecko, one STMBL AC Servo drive for Harmonic Drive 4th axis.  Below that on the DIN rail a small module with PIC12F609 that prevents ENABLE out to drives unless HV has been available for a period of time. Next a module has level translation for TTL to RS485/RS522 along with open collector optos for resetting HP_UHU when ENABLE vanishes.  An RJ45 connector brings couples the ENABLE, STEP/DIR and FAULT to the STMBL drive.    Beside that terminals for 24V and 16V powers.  Beside that 24V power supply.  Below this is the larger PMDX-126 BoB with it’s own supply and processing to deal with ESTOP and ENABLE and FAULT.  The small module at the top right is a DB-25 to RJ45 for encoder from Harmonic Drive to STMBL.

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Toroid transform 105VDC supply for DC Servos along with modules to soft start transformer and bleed DC on power off.  Also provides TTL signal to control cabinet when soft start has completed signalling HV is available.  PIC12F609 does the control side of this.

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Back side of control cabinet with 65VDC Stepper motor supply.  Not visible is the AC outlets and terminal strips for AC distribution.

  Closeup of small adaptor board

AC Servo that will become the spindle motor.  Module holds RS485/TTL interface to Bergerda AC Servo drive.  Blue board is 0-10V for PWM signal but adaptor board can also provide RS422 STEP/DIR.