Counting switches and caps.

Ever tried to repetitively count 35 items and put them into bags.  I tend to lose count and the last thing I want to do is short ship one switch or cap and leave someone waiting for a replacement.  So I came up with this simple tray with 35 holes.

Initially I used  3/4" Forstner bit to drill the holes but it left a slight edge around each hole.  That made it harder to sweep the switch caps into the holes and if two stuck together in the hole it was hard to get out.  The solution was a small bevel around each hole.  I used a carbide rounding over router bit with a 3/8" radius but I needed a way to guide it concentric with the hole.  The solution is shown in the photo below.  The 3/4" disk centers the router bit which is clamped tight with the 1/4-28 nut and the 3/16" length was held in the drill press chuck.  Then just setting the depth stop on the drill press I was able to quickly round over all 35 holes.

I've now put 2000 switches and caps into bags of 35 in very short order. 

The technique is quite simple.  Just throw a handful onto the tray and move them around until all the holes are filled.  Then pick out any duplicates and finally dump the whole works into a funnel made from cardboard.  The end of the funnel is stuck in the small ziplock bag.

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