Electronic Lead Screw Kit Prices


ELS Kit c/w MicroStepper, Heatsink and spacer Kit $225

Assembled and Tested ELS with MicroStepper and Spacer Kit $300

        Electronic Half Nut Connector    $8

        Full Connector Kit     $25


Alternatively, wires can be soldered directly to the board and AMP CPC connectors used to connect power and stepper motor windings.  As of 2009, The CPC connector set does NOT use the same colour coding as the Automation Direct Stepper Driver since they mix wires between shielded pairs.   http://web6.automationdirect.com/static/specs/surestepmotors.pdf

        CPC Connector and Cable Kit    $50   

        Backplate punched for CPC Connectors and DB-25. Mounting screws match Heatsink.  $15

Contact els-sales@autoartisans.com with the list of what you'd like to purchase c/w mailing address.  The sales department will reply with an S&H price, a copy of an invoice and a link to PayPal.    We are working on a full featured shopping cart with PayPal, MasterCard and Visa support.